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Class actions are group lawsuits that are designed to address and remedy situations where multinational corporations or other large companies mislead, cheat or steal small amounts of money from many of their customers at the same time or in the same manner. For example ...

  • A manufacturer mislabels a lesser product as a "premium" one so that people pay more for it.
  • Several competitors selling similar products secretly agree to stop competing on price and to charge consumers the same high price to increase profits.
  • A car maker advertises its models as "safe and reliable" when in fact they contain design defects that could injure your family or cause poor performance.
  • Your telephone company adds hidden fees and surcharges to your monthly bill to pad its profits.
  • A bank routinely accounts for debits and credits in checking accounts to increase its customers' overdraft charges

Individual customers affected by these unlawful actions each lose only tens or hundreds of dollars. They cannot afford to sue on their own because hiring a lawyer would cost them more than they lost. But the customers collectively will have lost potentially millions of dollars. Class action lawyers sue for all of the affected customers at one time. And they will do so free of charge because, if they win or successfully settle the suit, the court will award them legal fees. Class actions are often the only way that consumers can recover their losses and stop the company's wrongdoing.

Alex Schmidt is a successful class action attorney who has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients. He works regularly with the nations' top class action law firms. If you have been cheated and believe others are being hurt in the same way, contact Alex for a free evaluation of your potential case.